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Charles Morgan Reid

Charles Morgan Reid

Charles Morgan Reid was born on 6 June 1877, in Armuchee, Floyd, Georgia, to Marcus D. Lafayette (MDL) Reid and Nancy Elizabeth Duke.

Map of Georgia

Charles married Esther Weir Stedman in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, on 20 April 1899.

Map of Utah

Charles and Esther had the following seven children:

Ethel Esther Reid
Myrtle Reid
Charles Marcus Reid
George Samuel Reid
Zilpha Reid
Mark Reid
Lenora Reid

As a Father, Charlie was exemplary in many ways. He handled the children with such understanding and insight that they wanted to go to church because they’d feel guilty if they didn’t. He taught them by precept and example, instilling in their hearts principles of honesty, hard work, love for country and community, unstinting support of those in authority both in the Church and in government and unselfishness to those in need. He had the family kneel in prayer every morning before sitting down to breakfast. He didn’t believe in fault finding or bickering, and used discipline sparingly. Once, when young George took the new horse and buggy without asking for permission, Charlie whipped him on the back with an apple tree sapling, but such a thing was a rarity. He took the family to General Conference in Salt Lake City every six months, almost without fail. He had the children shake hands with the visiting general authorities at each Stake Conference. Jud said in later years, “I can attribute much of my success to my early home training.”

Charlie counseled, “Never condemn a person ‘til you’ve walked in his shoes.” He actively helped those in need. He once backed a young man who was just starting out and bought some property from him. He used to bring home derelicts he met on the street on his fruit peddling trips. Esther would mend and wash their clothes and feed them, and Charlie would give them some money to help them along their way.

The words above come from a large life sketch of Charles Reid that can be found if you click on the following, The Reid Family.

Below is a picture of the Charles Morgan Reid Family:

Charles Morgan Reid Family

Charles died on 25 September 1929, in Provo, Utah, Utah.